Welcome to Wopena

Wo-Pe-Na Archers located in Clifton, NJ is a 20 yard/14 lane indoor archery organization established in the early 1940's to promote the sport of archery and provide a relaxing and inviting environment for all club members. The club has 75+ members and is OPEN 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with yearly membership.  You are welcome to shoot any time that meets your schedule. Weekends and Thursday night leagues are popular days for socializing with other members. 

The Range-Tools-Access


  • Fourteen shooting lanes divided into three secure shooting areas

  • Lounge area with cable TV/wifi

  • Experienced bow technicians to assist you with bow set-up

  • On-site bow press available

  • Kitchen area for coffee and snacks

  • On-street parking available close to range entrance

New Lane Monitors

Harding Street

Bow Press

Lounge/TV /wifi

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